Why should you go to Jivochat?

Live chat is a best strongly tool for communicating with people. It can operate multitasking for growing your business. These powerful tools lead you more benefits.

Increase your sales: It can help you to grow your sales.

Customer Convenience: Live chat provides your website visitors with instant access and can provide instant support. So you can easily access convenient to your customers.

Conversions Boost:  When a visitor is browsing through your pages and they searching a service which isn’t clear at that moment, they can easily get first information from your experienced team members instantly.

Faster Problem Solving:  Consultants are able to provide links or documents to help quickly via the chat window.

Competitive Advantages: By providing instant help your visitor with a high response rate and giving professional and right assistance for any problem that definitely helps to visitors and you will be able to connect more customers who will return to your brand.

Jivo chat is a great communicating and marketing tool. It has the transparent chat box on mobile and web domain. Affiliate system represents another great benefit, especially for an online marketing agency.

Benefits of Jivochat

Jive chat having to contain different types of communication features which are most perfectly user-friendly.

  1. Chat Transfer: It is available for Live Chat on your web page as well as mobile domain. You can transfer chats to other agents at any moment.
  2. Telephony purpose: You will be able to make and receive calls from the client. It is most helpful for any time.
  3. Callback: Callback features help you choose deals when the chat alone is not enough.
  4. Facebook Integration: You can add facebook to jivochat.
  5. API for Developers: Jivochat provides developers two toolkits for integration these are A. Client-side B. Server side
  6. Integration:  This is exactly the tool that will boost your online sales.
  7. File Transfer: You can transfer file through Jivo chat

Activate for: 14 Days Free Trial

Jivo allows you to chat with multiple visitors at the same time, which is impossible to do by phone. The app is packed with features to boost your team’s efficiency. This Powerful and productive Jivo agent app will turn your team into customer care superstars. It truly can turn your business from downstream to upstream by its awesome features.

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