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Website Insurance

What is Website Insurance?

Website insurance is a technology to backup data and protects your website. In general, you have faced many problems with your websites that having many cons to your business. At Least you are behind other than your competitors. You should do to perform ‘website Insurance’ to brings more prosperity to your business. Our main vision is to support all kind of business people who are connected to website platform. Our developers bring more updated technology to protect your website and also to backup all data.

Primary risks that you have face:

  • Website Post Lost
  • Website Hacking
  • Virus Delete Your Website File
  • Site penetrations
  • Issu for online transaction [Credit & Debit Card]
  • Website Design Damage

Secondary risks that more affected your website:

  • Data protection
  • Privacy policy
  • IP and Domain name configuration
  • Contract and consumer law
  • Discrimination and Harassment
  • Fidelity and fraud by clients and employees

How "Website Insurance" giving you more Benefit?

It is most important for all people to perform website insurance. Website Insurance will do different responsibilities these are –

  1. Save all data ( Website File, Post, Page, Image, Video etc.
  2. To protect website from Hacker.
  3. Backup your all loosen files.
  4. Continue the web system configuration.
  5. Protect from account suspension.
  6. Save from computer crash.
  7. Restore Time : 10 min to 1 Hours ( Depending Website File Size )

Our Security Services:

Our legal security services are:

  • Your exposure to discrimination and harassment
  • Data protection infringement
  • Your exposure to innocent data transmission

Our technical securities services:

  • website Maintenance
  • Server uptime monitor
  • The frequency and extent of virus attack & Vulnerability Scanning