How to increase SEO ranking of blog and website?

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is a hugely vital part of a personal blog or website. If you start blogging then you have to needed work for SEO. Today I will say to you mostly top 5 things related SEO topics, you just need to follow all part of below topics step by step. So let’s begin.

TOP 5 Way to improve SEO for your blog or website:

01. Publish Genuine Content: Content is a Primary part of SEO, so always try to publish best quality copyright-free content for your blog or website. Your language should be always attractive part of your website content. Now I say you some part of the content, which improves your website SEO ranking. i) Always choose trending topic for your audience. ii) Your language needs so simple for your reader. iii) Don’t use 2% mix same keyword in your full articles. iv) Research some top hit Keyword for your articles.

02. Update your Content Regular bases: Do you need active visitor for your website? Then you have to create a proper planning for your blog contents. Because if you publish article regular bases then you will achieve more active visitor. So, focus on your content topic.

03. Metadata: Metadata is most important part of page SEO. Meta tag has three different part number one is Title meta tag, second is description meta tag and another is most important Keyword metadata.

04. Use alt Tag: Always using alt tag for media and video sections. Please carefully using this tag. These are only some few points which almost helps for improve SEO ranking.

05. Hosting Speed: Hosting Speed is most important for improving website SEO ranking. Now I will suggest you hosting plan and Company for your website or blog. Now Bluehost is the best hosting company.